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Also on the covers, remember that your discoverability is not the 1600-2500 pixel cover you get from the artist. What sells is the 160 pixel high postage stamp people see in the search results and the even smaller also bought. Cover art and even title choice needs to grab the eye at that tiny resolution. That means a relatively simple picture and a high contrast easy to read and probably short title.

I suspect this is why so many of the New Adult bestsellers have these one or two word titles done in a geometric font. Part of that is branding, but I think it's also about literal visibilty among the results.

Also, a good blurb won't just catch the reader's attention, it'll also provide a bunch of keywords to the search engine. If the book doesn't have a really grabbing first page, then find an excerpt that will grab the reader and stick it in the blurb.

Genre counts for a lot. Mass market genres like action adventure and romance. The stuff that used to be in 30s pulp magazines then in 50s pulp paperbacks is what seems to sell the best.
This all seems really valuable and I am curious if it still holds in 2019. ?