Hello everyone! It's been a real eye opening reading your self-publishing diaries on here. It's my favorite forum on Absolute Write

Ten days ago, I published my debut novel, and I'm very excited! Since I'm self-publishing for the long haul, I thought it'd be beneficial to learn formatting myself. That night I only got 4 hours of sleep, but it was worth it to see my mystery thriller on Amazon as a kindle book.

Two days ago, my proof from Createspace came in the mail. It was pretty cool to have a physical copy in my hand There's a copy of things I have to fix (like getting rid of some blank pages and making the header disappear on the front matter pages and the first page of each chapter). My friend said she'd help me if I need it.

Soon, I plan to download my story to Nook and Smashwords. I hope the process is easy as Amazon was. I've read some horror stories that other authors went through. Keeping my fingers crossed.

So far, I've had 6 sales. Three were from family members and 1 from my writing buddy. The other 2 are mysteries. I think it's time to play Harriet the Spy LOL.

I really don't plan to promote it until I get back from my New York City trip next week. Two bloggers offered to review, which is cool. I'll set up a blog tour and do a giveaway on Goodreads.

I'm really excited to share my publishing experience with you guys. And to continue reading about your journeys