Title might not be clear, but plots that are difficult to write if someone is a n00b to writing PoCs OR that are inherently racist anyway that you'd recommend against. Or even for people within our community...

The ones I can think of so far are:
- Reverse Racism plots.
Basically done well, it looks like Margorie Blackman's Noughts and crosses.

Done poorly it looks like the crapfest called Victoria Foyt. I don't think there is an inbetween. You either fail epicly, or you do beautifully.

As a PoC, I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole, even educated, because it's really tricky to do well.

- Perfect family that's secretly corrupted.
You know, usually the pod people set up. The smiling suburban neighborhood filled with perfect people. It's your Desperate Housewives set up.

The thing is that because mainstream media tends to write "perfect" as White, middle class (Working class for the Brits), straight, etc family. It auto kicks out any diversity at all, even if that's not the truth of most successful families.

And when there is diversity, it's "the big deal" because that person is secretly _whatever_.


The all White cast in a very diverse city set up.
I also have problems with Death of a Salesman, Friends, Seinfeld and Sex in the City, for the fact that they are set in NYC and not a bit of diversity among the main cast. (It's a what gives? moment). (Though I admit I loathe Sex in the City for other reasons... the TV show).

I'd ask for an end to such things.