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Thread: Everything related to China

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    Everything related to China

    I've seen in a few other threads that there are people here with various connections to China. Some are overseas Chinese. Others are expats living in China. Yet others are living in Singapore, or Taiwan, or Hong Kong, or Macau.

    I myself am Canadian, but have been living in China for 20+ years (since 1993). I'm very much the stereotypical 'foreigner' in China -- pale white skin, blond hair, blue eyes, etc. But for all that, I've experienced tremendous success in China, most of my friends here are Chinese, and I really consider China my home.

    I figured that having a thread for everyone that is connected to China in some way, be it direct or indirect, would be cool. And there may well be others who would have questions about China, related to their writing, who could use us as a resource.

    I am currently working on a series of YA novels for the Chinese market (hope to be able to say more about it in future, but don't wanna' reveal too much until I've got an agent/publisher). I also have plans (no idea if or when any of these plans will come to fruition) for other China-based books, both for Chinese and foreign audiences. These include:

    * A biographic novel to describe my various adventures and experiences in China, and highlight the amazing changes (and the incredible pace of change) that have taken place during my time here. From my arrival in China in 1993, at a time when China had just started to open up to the outside world, and there were still very few foreigners, through to modern China.

    The title will be "Watch Out For Pigs In The Toilet", based on one of my most memorable experiences when I first came here.

    * A book about the Mosuo, a fascinating ethnic minority group that I work with here, and have established a non-profit organization to help. More info at our website, In brief, the Mosuo are one of the last remaining matriarchal cultures on the planet; do not practice marriage; and uncles take paternal responsibilities, rather than the biological father.

    The Mosuo also live in one of the most remote and undeveloped regions of China, in small villages high in the Himalayas. Some villages there still have no electricity or running water, the people live pretty much the same as they did 100 years ago.

    I would like to write a book that tells the stories of 8-10 Mosuo, all from different perspectives and backgrounds. A Mosuo who has left his home and abandoned his culture, to live in the big city and embrace 'modern' life. A Mosuo grandmother who's never left her remote village, her only knowledge of the outside world being what others have told her. A Mosuo woman who lives in a tourist area, presenting a bastardized version of the Mosuo culture in order to attract tourists and make money for her family. A Mosuo academic who has dedicated his life to recording and preserving important aspects of the Mosuo culture, before they disappear. The first (and so far only) Mosuo woman to study in an American university, contrasting her life in both worlds, and discussing what both sides can learn from each other. And many others.

    I hope that by telling their stories, rather than my own impressions, I can demonstrate both how very unique their culture is, and the complexity of the issues facing them today.

    So...I'd love to hear from others with an interest in or connection to China. Share your stories, ask your questions, interact with others...just get involved, and enjoy yourselves!
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