Okay, quickie intro. I'm Canadian, but have been living and working in China for more than 20 years. I'm a successful businessman, having started two companies (www.newleadersgroup.com and www.absoluteexecutive.com); and also a philanthropist, having started a non-profit organization to help one of China's ethnic minority groups, the Mosuo, who are one of the last remaining matriarchal cultures left on the planet (www.mosuoproject.org).

I am not yet a published author, but I do have a non-fiction manuscript that's been accepted by the Humanist Press (am currently editing and revising it, not yet ready to publish); and I have a series of YA novels for the Chinese market for which I'm looking for an agent/publisher.

I have other book plans in the works, including a book about my own experiences in China, and another to introduce the Mosuo culture to the rest of the world. But those are for the future.

I am here both to seek advice and help, and to network with others who may share similar interests/passions with me.