I am currently working a novel about an 18 year-old boy who attempts to commit suicide and his neighbor/childhood love.

The story is drawing me into another novel that follows them into marriage, say 8-10 years after his suicide attempt. It crossed my mind that my female MC might not be able to have children and that is incredibly painful for her.

So, this question popped into my head. Would a couple like this be able to adopt a child, since the husband attempted suicide as a teenager??

There would be a police report, and he was already 18. It would obviously be in his medical record, which I am assuming is considered when adopting a child.

I did find this about home studies: If there's been a history of substance abuse, marital difficulties in the current relationship or other important matters, the agency may request a neutral consultation with a professional who would be asked to share their impressions of where the adoptive parent is "now" with this issue.

But would a past suicide attempt be an automatic no?

The idea intrigued me and I couldn't find much information. This would really ratchet up the tension in the story.