So...I'm a little shocked there's no thread about this yet. In short, Brad Paisley asked LL Cool J to collaborate on a country-western-rap song* about how hard it is to be a white person** and he did so and the phrase "Mister White Man" was busted out***. LL says he will forgive Brad wearing a confederate flag if Brad will not judge LL for wearing baggy pants or gold chains. I'll give you a minute to let your blood pressure return to normal... The thing is pretty appallingly racist and I am pretty depressed about LL having anything to do with it.

The internets and the twitters and the news and basically the entire world are offended by both the badness of the song and the message. The only site I could find that not mocking it mercilessly was some scary racist blog which I shan't link to here. I guess I give the artists points for an unintentionally extremely ironic title? Anyway. Thoughts?

*Danger, Will Robinson!
**I've got a very bad feeling about this.
***For reals.