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Thread: St. William's Valentine's Day Poetry Contest

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    Arrow St. William's Valentine's Day Poetry Contest

    After awarding my copy of The Selected Poems of Carl Sandburg to Penelope in our last contest, I'm sensing something askew in the symmetry of my bookcase. Therefore, the only solution is to give away another book. So here we are:

    St. William's Valentine's Day Poetry Contest

    How it Works:

    You submit a poem directly to me. I post all entries in one thread, without attribution. People vote. You get the most votes, I send you a book from my personal stash.


    • Poems must be 50 lines or less.
    • Poems must deal in some way with intimate human relationships (aka "love") They need not be related specifically to Valentine's Day and may also veer into the darker territory of heartbreak, loneliness, etc.óbut they should be about love in some way.
    How to Enter:

    • Using the board's private message function, send me your poem by this Friday, February 10, 2006 at 11:59 PM Central (Know your time zones)
    At midnight Friday night, I will post the poems and open the voting. Last time we used the poll function, but since it has a limited capacity (and since it could potentially encourage groupthink), we're going to go a different route this time.

    Once the poems are posted, you may send me your vote, also using the private message function.

    The poems will be both numbered and titled (if you submit without a title, it will be creatively called Untitled).

    To vote: In the subject window of your private message, type both the number and the title.

    You'll need to type something in the main message window as well, since it won't send an empty message. But please be advised that I might not even read your message and will not be replying to any of them. So you could type the meaning of life, include naked pictures or offer me a million dollars and I might never see it (but then again I might)...

    Voting will close at 7 PM Central on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2006. Any votes received after that time will be returned with a virus.

    I will then post complete results with vote totals for every entry, and announce the winner.

    Then I'll select a volume of poetry from my collection and send it to the winner. It could be Walt Whitman or it could be my tattered copy of Poe's The Raven and Other Poems, complete with a cover customized by my dog's teeth. You just never know.

    If you win and opt to receive your prize, I'll need a mailing address of course.

    So there you go. Let's roll.

    You may send your entries any time until Friday, February 10, 2006 at 11:59 PM Central.
    Last edited by William Haskins; 02-07-2006 at 08:32 AM.

    Thorn Forest: A Gift for AW

    My poems on Twitter. Please proceed in an orderly fashion.

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