I'm relatively new to Twitter, and I have only a very few followers. I have fewer today, probably because of something I pointed out to one of them.

This woman is a "social media marketing expert", with a TON of followers, and she tweets just about once an hour. A lot of that is re-tweets of other people's blog posts.

Yesterday, she retweeted a blog post that was so poorly written that it gave me a headache. I commented, "I don't mean to be rude, but did you even read this before you retweeted it?" She never did answer my question, BTW, but that's kind of a secondary point to this rant. She responded back, thanking me for my honesty, and said the author was a member of her Triberr group. I replied to her that I hoped he would work on his writing, because that post wasn't ready for public dissemination, but that I wished him the best.

Curious, I looked at his profile, and he has OVER 150,000 FOLLOWERS! WTF?? He calls himself, "A Life Designer", and writes a blog which apparently has a ton of followers as well...how does this happen?

I'm severely annoyed now.