This has been asked on the novels forum, however I have the same question and I thought I would get better feedback on this forum.

After reading Cathy's lectures, I've determined that my WIP is a historical romantic suspense (?????????) because it is suspense, set on the IV Century, has a romance between the two MC's that drives most of the plot (though not all of it) and has a HEA.

However, the heroine doesn't meet her guy at first, there are other things driving the story at that point. When she does meet him, it's not love at first sight, but love begins to grow between them. After this love appears, it will drive most of the story from then on, including the things that happened prior to them meeting each other.

However, the main point of the story is not the romance (I think), but the circumnstances that surround the two MC's and the dangers they have to go through because of who they are and yes, the love they feel towards each other.

Does this still qualify as a romantic novel? Is it still marketable as a romantic novel?