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Thread: My B***h of a Dog Killed My Neighbor's Chihuahua

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    Unhappy My B***h of a Dog Killed My Neighbor's Chihuahua

    First let me say I am a responsible dog owner with considerable experience in most doggy matters. But my German shepherd-proof fence that completely surrounds our property of three acres wasn't sufficent to keep my neighbor's Chihuahua out. :-(

    My dog Tess, is a predatory beast. She will turn herself inside out to please me, as long as she's within sight. Let her slip away, as she's wont to do and she turns into a land shark. She lured the little dog onto our property and killed it.

    My neighbor saw it happen, which must have been tramatic, but she is an experienced dog person, knows her dog should not have been on our property and actually apologized for it.

    I feel so bad for the poor little thing. It didn't have a chance.

    My husband immediately went and installed a cable line that we now chain our dog to when she's outside and we're not with her. He also bought her a day-glo pink collar because he felt it was the most humiliating color he could find.

    Tess figured out pretty quickly that she's a chained beast and her hunting days are over. It's deflated her ego ( a good thing, just ask our other dog) and made her manner meak and submissive, which I know is a ploy but I'll take it.

    She is such a b***h. No one in the family loves her except me. She's mean to our other dog, constantly stealing his toys which she buries, and picking fights with him despite the fact he's twice her size. He's so intimidated by her he won't lift his leg in her pressence. She also has digestive issues which means she'll have diarrhea, or become incontinent without daily, expensive medication. She has oily skin which causes cysts to form under her coat and makes her smell bad if not bathed frequently.

    Yeah, she's a hard dog to love. She's ten years old so she only has a few more years. I have a feeling I'm the only one who will miss her when she goes.
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