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Thread: The next step

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    figuring it all out
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    Mar 2013

    The next step

    Hello all,

    I just got myself registered and activated. First, let me say that this seems like a great community here, and I should have joined a long time ago!

    So, I've been writing for a little while now. I started seriously in college (I'm 25 now) when a professor said she liked my paper. Silly as it sounds, it's what catapulted me to get going. I started with a journal, and I noticed I had some good sentences thrown in there. Years later, boom, there are some good paragraphs. I'm now at the point where I can write some pretty decent essays (at least in my mind). After a while, I eventually found my niche, which is humor. It just 'clicks' for me. Now I'm trying to figure out the next step.

    I know how to write. I know how to eat whole ideas and poop them out into some sort of humorous yet relevant context. I don't struggle with ideas, I struggle with the time to write them. I'm ready to step up my game.

    The only question is...what's next? I think I'm good enough to start a career in this direction. I'd like to do some stand-up, write for magazines, for television, and other independent writings.

    I'm working on a website now (should be done in a week or two). I opened a twitter. Open mics are in my future once I find a few legitimate establishments around town. What then? The hard part is getting that initial base audience. Do I just start posting what I've written, spam the links around a little bit and hope for the best? Are there 'tricks' to get links to your site?

    Thanks a lot...I'll try to help everyone I can out with their stuff all seems like so much! I'll also post some of my material when I have enough posts to post in the SYW Humor section.

    I know I'm being kind of vague here...The SEO/Google/ self-marketing process is pretty intimidating to me. I just recently moved from Vermont to Connecticut, so I don't have any resources, guides, no nothin'.

    Thanks for any help I get! I'll post my personal wisdom where I think it'll fit in. I'll also post some of my own material as soon as I have enough posts to post in the SYW sub-forum.
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