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Hi Larry, and .

There's a thread on Inkitt in AW's Bewares & Background Checks forum, and for good reason. Indeed, they're very good at slick presentation. Almost as good as they are at prolific spamming. Not to pick on you, as it can be confusing navigating through the various smaller publishers and digital start-ups out there, but a good general rule is that legit publishers don't need to actively solicit stories either by spam or from display sites like Inkitt. They get plenty through agents or open submissions.

Inkitt is not a legitimate or proven "agent", but a display site, or YADS ("Yet Another Display Site"; these things have been around awhile). Wattpad is also a display site, but it has enough audience/community to kinda-sorta work in specific areas (mostly YA, I think?). See Old Hack's posts earlier in this thread for some of the issues with this model, as she knows more than I do.

Inkitt have had major issues with professionalism, communications, privacy, and the like--all documented here, as well as at Writer Beware and Jim C. Hines' blog, among others.

Basically, if you get spam from them, welcome to the online writing world. You can do better. Always aim high with your work.
Thanks so much for the insight on that VeryBigBeard. Obviously, I should have looked into it more thoroughly. I saw a recommendation for Inkitt on a writing blog I follow which I've always found reputable. Maybe the blogger didn't check into Inkitt very thoroughly either. Anyway, thanks again for the heads up.