I wanted to thank you for the kind responses. I truly expected the worst when the decision to close up shop was made. I figured my name would be dirt in the writing community.

I'm glad to see there are so many understanding individuals out there.

Its been a rough go for my wife and I. After we shut down LBP, our creditors began coming after us, we've burned through our savings and we're struggling to prevent leins against our home. One of the authors didn't take our demise too well and is threatening to sue.

In the end, it was an expensive lesson to learn and I can only hope this serves as a word of warning for those who are considering going down the same road. Know what you're getting yourself in to.

As for me, I've decided I'd rather write than publish. Let someone else do all the hard stuff - I just want to create. I plan on leaning on this community to help me with my craft and the process of finding an agent or publisher for my work. I'm hoping to join some critique groups and writers clans to create a nice little network of trusted fellow authors.

Perhaps out of LBP's demise, something nice will develop.

Thanks again for not being too hard on me...when I know we probably deserved worse.

Take care all!