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Tampa, Fl – Luna Brillante Publishing, a Florida based business, announced the company is now accepting submissions from prospective authors for their new venture in Collaborative Publishing.

Specializing strictly in Speculative Fiction, the company enters partnerships with their authors to create the very best works in the genre. The company and their authors collaboratively share in the risk of publishing the book. Some will classify the publisher as a subsidy publisher. However, the company’s model differs from subsidies and vanities in a number of different ways -
1. LBP does not accept any and all submissions. LBP has stringent guidelines and only select the talented writers with great books to publish
2. You will never see template or horribly done covers. All LBP book art is done by professional graphic artists.
3. Every book will be professionally edited.
4. Each book will be typeset, proofed, and test printed before ever seeing the light of day.
5. LBP offers no "add-ons" or "upsells".
6. LBP will send ARCs to industry leaders like Publisher’s Weekly, Library Journal and other review sources – following all guidelines for review submissions.
7. LBP Authors do not “self-publish”.. As with traditional publishers, LBP produces, edits, markets, and distributes the books for our authors.
8. LBP offers returns and industry standard wholesale discounts.

The packages – Moondrop, Moonebeam, and Moonglade range from $399 to $899.
The pricing structure is not only competitive but cheaper than most other subsidies and vanities. In addition each package is robust in options (most of these options are add-ons or upsells with other companies). Contracts with the company are non-exclusive, meaning, if an author receives an opportunity to sign up with a larger firm, LBP will not stand in the way.

Further, the company is also reader focused. LBP only selects the best from the submissions provided and will only produce books in the Speculative Fiction genre that meet their standards. When readers look for great speculative fiction, they should think LBP first.

Authors interested in stepping into the light with Luna Brillante Publishing can find out more information at

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