I have bad news. Tonight my business partner decided to pull out from under me. He felt the money we would be dedicating to the business would not be offset by the profits we would make and decided to invest into something other than publishing. After some deep soul searching and discussion with my wife, we are not prepared to go it alone. With that said, the dream of Luna Brillante Publishing is probably about to end before it really began.
The good news though is that this happend before any authors committed to us and we to them.
I think Victoria was right, when we got into this we did not have a full understanding of what we truly need to run a successful publishing company. Even had my partner not backed out, I don't know how long we could have gone spending thousands of dollars in promotion, distribution, and everything else needed to make our authors and our readers happy.
I appreciate all the candid discussion and feedback that Silverhand generated with his initial post. While ultimately, the realization that despite all the investigation and study of the business we still had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. My business partner quickly realized that after reading the conversations in the threads and well, he got cold feet. At this point, I don't blame him.

I hope everyone knows and understands that we did have the best intent at heart. We were not trying to scam or cheat anyone. We really only wanted to publish great speculative fiction. Unfortunately, that takes a lot more money than my business partner was willing to invest and a lot more than I have.

Thanks to all who helped us come to this realization and I sincerely wish the best for Silverhand. He truly does have a great story, someone will pick him up and be very happy with the results. I wish it would have been us, but hey, that's life.

Thanks all,

JC De La Torre