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Most exclusive stock licenses are for a particular use, such as exclusive for a book cover, etc. You can buy exclusive rights to any photo or have one shot to your specs, but you won't be able to afford it for a book cover.

Every stock agency has images available for exclusive license. They can also tell you what has been sold before.

Look, I get what you're saying but...

It is simply untrue to say that you can buy "exclusive rights to any photo." Exclusive rights can be made void by the nature of distribution of an image. The example you gave up thread of a photo being used by a graphic designer and then being available later for exclusive purchase at a higher price tag is not legally possible. The image is either going to be rights managed or under a nonexclusive distribution license with the vendor.

It's also misguiding to say that "every stock agency" offers comprehensive rights management. Certainly some do. But mass market stock is sold across many different venues in which the same images, or images from the same origin are often offered under nonexclusive licenses. Those same images will not be simultaneously offered with comprehensive rights managed licensing.