I'm looking for a beta for my novel. It's currently around 54k, and I've edited it about 6 times myself. I'm more than happy to beta for you in return.

I'd just like a fresh set of eyes before I try to send it off, and I want to make sure that the ending isn't predictable, without the story itself being too standoffish, outlandish, or jumpy. I will send it to you a chapter at a time, with the prologue tied to chapter one and the epilogue tied to chapter nine.

Here's a blurb: "Humanity’s first attempt at interstellar travel could not have been deemed a success by even the most optimistic: nearly one million lives were lost. Yet, humans are known for nothing if not their stubbornness, and a mere three years later, they launched their second attempt. Five years into the voyage, the crew of The Ouroborous has grown accustomed to their new life. Until, that is, they disappear. Major Hammill wakes up to discover himself on an empty ship with the irreverent Doctor Shepherd, and little time to find out what has happened to his crew. Now, he must work his way through the derelict ship, searching for his crew, fighting with his past, and trying to uncover his own government’s best-kept secrets."

The only warnings are for mild-to-moderate innuendo.

Let me know if you have any questions, and private message me if you're the beta I'm looking for!