For just 49.00 you can have your very own entry in a book NO ONE WILL BUY but your own self.

That's the money to get IN the book. There's no mention of actually getting a copy. I expect PA writers will have to pay out another 49.00 + S&H for that.

It also lists authors such as you, who by the sheer force of their previously untapped talent have contributed to innovating our literature, either fiction or non-fiction.

That's why we're inviting a limited number of qualifying PublishAmerica authors to be included in Who Is Who In American Literature.
I did an Amazon search and can't find any book by that name.

Perhaps poor Miranda happened to read the WRITER BEWARE article about such scams and went tripping joyfully in to Larry with the glad tidings, hoping for a pat on the head.

As for who is a "qualifying" PA author--that would be every PA victim still on the spam mailing list who has a credit card.