1. Do you enjoy writing fight scenes? Why or why not?
Not really, because it's hard to keep clarity up and keep the reader along for the ride.
2. How do you execute your fight scenes?
Well, one character wants to kill the other... how else?
3. How much detail do you have in your fight scenes? How much blood, gore, how much attention to movement, stance, and such?
Enough detail to let the reader understand what is going on. I don't hold back the blood and gore, but I don't showcase it.
I've got a good rule, the reader only cares for what results from the fight, not the actual fight itself as much. So, stance and movement is at the bottom of the list. I don't try to choreograph my character's movements in relation to the environment.
4. How do you weave elements of magic or technology that goes above and beyond swords, guns, hand-to-hand combat?
Magic =/= swords. Its just another weapon, but I make sure the reader knows what that magic is before its used in a fight.
5. How do you maintain the urgency of the bigger character arcs during a fight scene? For example, you're writing from a character's POV who has everything on the line with this one battle. He'll get his family back, he'll save his village (your choice).
Keep explanation to a minimum. Short, simple, straight forward sentences.
I've always found the extended fights with a heavy weight to them to be cliche. As a rule, I keep fights as short as possible, so not much is weighing on them.
6. What authors do fight scenes well, in your opinion?
The only writer I've found that has good, easy to follow fight scenes is Brandon Sanderson, but then, out of his books, I only find the fight scenes to be entertaining... (ow, Will)

My WIP has practiced killers facing each other. There's no rough and tumble fights, just straight up finding weaknesses and slitting throats, so all my fights are under 500words.