It is an interesting topic because it makes perfect sense that print books should be dying. Retail is suffering a slow collapse, and it seems the main reason is online shopping. It's often cheaper, sort of "frictionless" usually offers free returns, but it lacks the physical tactile quality (and Orange Julius experience) that retail shopping offers. E-books are usually cheaper, often include additional features like linking to entries or making it trivial to look up words.

What's the difference then? I think as writers we should be concerned with this. I think fundamentally what we're discovering for most people is that they don't really like shopping experience all that much, it's about the end product. Whereas the fact that people are still way into print books indicates it's not just about the end product, the writing, it's also about the experience of consuming it. So if you want to push print sales of your work versus digital then maybe it's thinking of ways to enhance that experience - though I can't really think of any. Then again it may just be a generational thing with older people sitll buying print books and younger readers buying e-books, and older people don't shop as much and younger people do, which is what causes the inversion in markets.