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Thread: Are Books Becoming Obsolete?

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    Hmm...I suspect within 10-15 years nearly all the ~140 million books tallied by Google will be digitized and available via some sort of monthly subscription app. The market for new physical books will shrink as we have seen with the niche market for vinyl records, but larger due to the holdouts who enjoy the pleasure of collecting a private library. Seems likely one-off purchases of e-books will go away though, to be replaced by monthly subscription model (maybe a few different tiers with higher pricing for new bestsellers, textbooks etc), along with similar purchases of digital film downloads and music.

    Started using MoonReader and Kindle apps on my phone a few years ago to read e-books while waiting in line etc. Somehow this gradually became my preferred way to read books, with black text and background color adjusted to a deep orange (blocks the blue wavelength). It's an amazing feeling to carry around in your pocket a massive repository of thousands or even millions of great books.
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