I'm applying for a writing workshop that requires I send in about 10,000 words of fiction, in addition to a personal essay and a few recommendation letters. My English teacher aunt is looking over my essay, but I'd like someone more genre savvy and less related to give me a quick critique of my work.

This is rather time sensitive. The deadline for submission is January 15th, so I need someone who can get back to me in time for me to implement any changes before I inflict my prose on a professional.

I am happy to return the favor either immediately or sometime in the future. Because I know I'm not giving much time, I'll even agree to do a full novel beta, not just 10k's worth.

Bear in mind that I'm not up to agent submission standards (that's why I want to go to this workshop!) but here is the pitch I've been using so far:

Two elven siblings - one devoted to a god of healing, the other a god of war - are sold into a pit fighting circuit by a merchant lord who sees their divine gifts as an opportunity for profit.