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Thread: 2013 Writing Goals

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    2013 Writing Goals

    Hi all!

    O'Dandelo posted a great thread last year about long term writing goals. I found it really useful looking back at my own goals for last year and thought it could be something we do every year. So here are my goals from last year as posted in OD'd thread, with my new goals for 2013.

    Quote Originally Posted by Project Deadlight View Post
    In the next year I would like to...

    • Make five or more sales.

    • Have sold two of those five to literary fiction pubs.

    • Have sent my novel to all relevant agents

    • Have written the next novel
    So since March 2012 I have managed to achieve these goals, so, in 2013 I would like to...

    • Have found an agent
    • Have sold 10 more stories, at least 1 in DT's most challenging markets and at least one out and out "Pro".
    • Have written a third novel
    • Have written 25 or more stories.
    • Have won some sort of writing competition.
    • Read 50 books on the goodreads challenge.

    A bit ambitious! But gives me something to work toward!
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