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Thread: Pyke, Jack L.

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    Being Me

    Title: Being Me. (Charity Anthology for the Being Me Campaign)
    Authors: Jack L. Pyke,
    Dilo Keith, Louis J Harris, Lane Swift, Alex Jane, Duncan Swallow, Jane Stemp, Viva Gold, Fiona Glass, Maggie Chatterton, Louisa Mae, Melissa E, Costa, Jo Tannah, Lynn Michaels, Susan Mac Nicol.
    Publication Date: October 30th, 2017
    Publisher: Cool Dudes
    Format: All
    Price: £7.99 (print) £3.76 (ebook) (US available too)
    The Being Me Campaign presents well written stories by authors who write with passion and guts. Authors not afraid to delve into the sometimes murky and dark world of characters who find it difficult to accept themselves. Authors who delight in taking their readers on a journey fraught with insecurities and flawed characters who eventually come into the light. These are stories that explore the emotional growth of troubled young men and women all with differences. Various characters are explored; the bullied, disabled folk, people of colour, even an alien, and futuristic caste systems. They are mostly HEA, with characters going through change to celebrate their differences. Sixteen stories from gifted authors take Being Me to a higher level. If one of these stories helps another person overcome his/her burden, then this anthology will have helped in some way to dispel the myths surrounding our own psyche; because who we are now, is just a small step towards who we can be in the future.

    Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Being-Me-Ca.../dp/1979056978
    Author’s Website: http://www.jacklpyke.com/

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