As WME UK have their own website now, they have their own thread. Those seeking the US thread can find it here.

The books department is newly headed up by the almighty Mr Simon Trewin, formerly of United Agents. His clients include John Boyne (The Boy in Striped Pyjamas), Scarlett Thomas (The End of Mr Y), and Manchester United Football club. At the time of writing the website states Claudia Webb and Becky Thomas are growing their lists. I also know from Twitter that Cathryn Summerhayes had a baby earlier this year, so if anybody knows whether she is on maternity leave, that would be helpful.

The main thing to note is that they have terms and conditions which must be agreed to in your covering letter. The link is right at the bottom of the website and will download the document directly onto your computer. Or, hopefully this link will work for everybody.

If somebody could add the submissions address to this thread, it would be most helpful to those of us who don't have default mail clients on our browsers.