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Thread: NaNo Excerpt Blog Chain

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    NaNo Excerpt Blog Chain

    Hello everyone!

    Seems like I haven't been here in like... forever! Some people may still remember me and I sure missed this place.

    But let's jump to the crux of this post.

    During NaNoWriMo, I usually block a day to post an excerpt from my WIP on my blog. And it just occurred to me that it could be great fun to make it an actual event - blog chain-like!

    How about every Friday of November? Excerpts of the length of your choice (ideally around 500 words so that it's fairly fast to read it).

    So all of you who are NaNo-ing and blogging and up for it, leave your blog address here and I'll compile a list that everyone can post after their excerpt to invite readers to blog hop!

    No obligation to comment (as we'll all be pretty busy), though it might be a good way to take a break/fight writer's block.

    List of participants:
    CJ Michaels:
    Michael Shoemaker:
    Lady Cat:
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