Acclaimed writer and illustrator Debi Gliori has blogged about the online and offline bullying she encountered as a result of writing a book about the Tobermory Cat--a book her publisher asked her to write.

She's been Twitter-stalked, Twitter-hacked, her Wikipedia page has been repeatedly edited, libraries where she was due to give readings have been warned about her, and a Facebook page was started in which it was claimed that she and her publisher had stolen the concept from an unpublished artist--who has now self-published his own book.

The FB post from 9 October seems particularly rabble-rousing to me.

Let's just take a breath here. What was this about? Yes. A cat. A cat. A cat book for children. Yeah. I know. Me too. It makes me feel something close to despair.
I thought this shows how self-righteous people can become when they don't understand copyright law or the creative process, and have an overabundance of self-entitlement too. It's a pretty nasty story too, and it seems to me that this sort of thing is becoming more and more common; or is it just that I'm noticing more of these stories as they proliferate across the internet?

Note: Ms Gliori's book is available soon, I think, and as a direct result of this nastiness I intend to order a few copies to give as Christmas presents, which seems to me an elegant way to show my support.