I've heard from two writers who signed up with her. Not only has she failed to sell their books, she has given them bizarre advice and submitted (or, as I suspect, claimed to submit) their work to completely inappropriate publishers. Both writers were asked to do complete re-writes based on a sentence of criticism, supposedly from an editor at a major company, pasted into an email.

The Claire Dunes Agency, where she claims to have trained, does not appear to exist.

Based on this, on what I've been told about her M.O., and on a tell-tale mis-spelling in her list of the publishers with which she claims to be working (Houghton "Miffin"), I suspect that this is the latest incarnation of Julia Levin/Drew Montgomery, an agent roleplayer who made some bizarre appearances here a couple of years back. See the thread.

Even if Jane Dowary is actually Jane Dowary, there's no evidence of competence, experience, or sales.

- Victoria