Move at will. I know that this is probably the wrong forum to ask, but I can't find the forum where I'd put it. (Did the swapping forum go poof or am I remembering another website?)

I don't want to put it in Share Your Work, 'cause I need more of a fact check than an editing check. And it doesn't belong in the research forum because I'm not asking a specific question.

Anyway, I set a short story in Japan. I've asked a friend of mine to do fast fact check and the rest of my Japanese friends are kinda busy... so I need other people who are Japanese to make sure nothing is off in the portrayal and wallop me if there is anything off.

I've gotten readers who *were* in Japan, but not Japanese... so I need someone who is Japanese to make the final checks.

Story is about 3,800 words. "Michiko finds a kitsune on her doorstep who remembers her, but she does not remember him." Slice of Life, Fantasy.

Has no samurai, geisha, katana, sex workers, anime references, bar workers and is set in contemporary times in Kyoto. Does have a tofu shop owner, an older female and a kitsune (fox changeling). (I avoided all the stereotypes, 'cause I was kinda sick of it, personally.)