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Thread: united p.c. publisher / novum publishing GmbH

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    united p.c. publisher / novum publishing GmbH

    Ads for this company have been following me round the internet for a couple of days now so I thought I'd have a closer look:

    The ESL phraseology is due to the fact that upc is based in Austria and associated with another Austrian publisher, Vindobona Verlag.

    We believe that any good manuscript should be published as a book, to do this we have developed a publishing concept by which any author can publish books free-of-charge, quickly and easily in our publishing house! In addition you will become a member of the united publishing club with its many benefits, Classic membership is also free-of-charge!
    Actually it doesn't matter if your manuscript is good or not:

    As a publishing house for all authors, we review each submitted manuscript and if there are no legal reservations, we send you a publishing contract in which we list our comprehensive publishing services.
    Just avoid libel, hate speech and plagiarism and you too can be published!

    You need no contacts, money, nothing! We guarantee free-of-charge publication with ISBN, sales through book sellers and online shops such as amazon etc. You will receive royalties and discounts from the 1st book! Hard to believe? Simply give us a try at no risk!
    No, the risk is all upc's:

    No author must pay us for publishing their book. We at united p.c. publisher publish each book at our own risk! Guaranteed and free-of-charge!

    Below you will find a selection of the benefits of cost-free publishing with united p.c. publisher:
    • Personal author consultations
    • Issue of a unique, global ISBN number
    • Entry into the Index of Deliverable Books
    • Entry into the Library
    • EAN Barcode with sales price on the back cover of the book
    • Approval of the inside page design and jacket design
    • Guidelines for authors with helpful tips for readings and dealing with the media and book sellers.
    • Presentation and listing on the home page of the publishing house
    • Listing on hundreds of other online shops such as amazon etc.
    • Private buyers, book sellers, wholesalers and distributors can order from the publishing house by telephone, email, post and fax
    • Listing on the directories of book wholesalers in Great Britain
    • The publishing house designs comprehensive publicity materials for the work such as book marks, order forms, flyers, posters, order slips ...
    • The publishing house provides press releases to journalists
    • The publishing house sends review copies – if demanded – to the media in Great Britain
    • The author may order books from the publisher in any amounts for the duration of the publishing contract
    • Club membership with all the benefits which go with it
    • Royalties and discounts from the 1st book sold!
    Hang on a minute...who pays for those book marks, flyers and posters? Does the word 'discounts' apply to the books the author will have to buy because booksellers won't touch overpriced POD books with a bargepole? As for jacket design, the upc house style makes everything in their catalogue look like a textbook.

    Although upc claims to have 20 years of experience and a club membership of 1500, there are only six books on the site. There's no 'look inside' feature on Amazon so I have no idea if the title of Dennis Kott's Green. Welcome to Heartbreake is a spelling mistake or not, and at £15.70 for 238 pages I doubt if anyone will want to find out. Mind you, it's still better value than Sarah-Anna Linton's Fuck this Superficiality! (£11.75 for 46 pages).

    In short, upc is doing nothing for authors they couldn't do for themselves with CreateSpace or Lulu.
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