is a brand new website and we are looking for writers. Our pay scale is as follows:

Papers with a deadline of 11 or more days: $8/page

6-10 days: $10/page

3-5 days: $12/page

1-2 days: $16/page

We will be tracking the performance of each writer, and in the future, the pay scale will increase for our top writers.

Our system is very flexible. Each writer will list a number of topics (physics, ancient European literature etc.) that he wants to see available jobs for. You can then pick as many or as few of these papers as you want.

Each paper will require a rough draft that is sent to the customer, and then a revised final draft which incorporates feedback from the customer. The rough draft should be deliberately rough (no spell check, and donít edit for grammar) so that the final draft shows a marked improvement.

It is very important that all of the work be original, and I will be using anti-plagiarism software on submitted papers.

Email: [email protected] for additional information.