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Thread: FAQ: Am I Using Up My First Publication Rights If I Post In SYW?

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    FAQ: Am I Using Up My First Publication Rights If I Post In SYW?

    If I post in Share Your Work, am I using up my first publication rights, and hurting my chance of eventual publication?

    • You’re not posting the entire work in SYW.
    • You’re not posting the final version.
    • The SYW forums are password protected and designated as "do not index" for legitimate search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, and Yahoo will all skip the SYW forum).
    • You can edit your post to delete your original work after you’ve received the crits (or as a SYW mod to help).
    • Writers have used privately circulated drafts and excerpts for crit purposes for hundreds of years.

    In summary, no, you’re not using up your first publication rights by publishing excerpts on SYW.
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