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Thanks for your insights, Muravyets. I'm impressed with your Art-O-Mat experience.

Exploitative projects like this one drive me spare.

I went back to their Kickstarter, which is in its last 16 hours. It now has over $26,000 pledged from 813 backers -- and still only the same 8 comments it had 21 days ago.

The incuriosity depresses me terribly. Doesn't anyone have questions?
So, based on this post: They have $26,000 and 813 backers. As long as they produce 813 prizes - sorry- rewards, for these backers, and maybe 50-100 pieces of 'art' to put out at a couple of locations, who is going to audit their claims?
If there are two of them doing this, they could conceivably crank out most of the 'art' themselves, saving a lot of trouble and expectations.
Is there a list of places that they'll be putting the artworks?
Of the artists involved?
Two people splitting, say, $24,000 doesn't sound like a bad deal.