Most of us have heard the saying that you have to know the rules before you break them. It's my belief that a writer's voice can be pinpointed in the rules he or she breaks.

I'd like to see examples of authors who break rules with impunity, and who get away with it. I'll start:

Dalton Trumbo wrote his three-hundred-page novel Johnny Got His Gun using no commas. Not a single comma. It reads like a series of half-delerious run-on sentences. At first it's odd (I wonder sometimes if the comma on his typewriter had jammed), but it doesn't take long for the quirk's usefulness to become apparent. As the story of a soldier left legless, armless and faceless on a World War I battlefield, JGHG is told entirely from the MC's blind, deaf, terrified mind. No commas = one long train of horrifying thought.