I, uh, seem to be dominating this thread. I hope someone else jumps in with their historically themed blog post(s).

Anyway, let's keep with the recent theme of the Llewelyn Davies brothers. Over a year ago now, I did a research trip to see the Llewelyn Davies family papers, and I took pictures of all the letters that Peter Ll. Davies, the namesake of Peter Pan, wrote home to J.M. Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan who had by this point become guardian of Peter and his brothers (their parents passed away). The letters are from the trenches of WW1 and are extremely well-written for a young man of 19. I've been transcribing them from the photos I took. I'd love to share all of it, but I don't know that I can, because of copyright issues. I'd have to talk to the Beinecke Library about it (Peter's works aren't in the public domain yet). I do feel, though, that I can talk about them without quoting them at length and can share a sentence here or there.

Here is the blog post: http://www.elizabethhuhn.com/2020/11...signature.html