Well first off I'd like to thank those that gave me rep points for enduring the abuse on this form that I have had lately, and being a lady about it, But there comes a time.

There have been some very kind people on here, and I'd like to take this time to thank you. I've learnt from you and on top of that you've saved me not having to pay a lawyer $500.00 an hour, to ask stupid questions that can be answered on the internet.

I'd like to say before I go, since my rights were taken from me today....(by closing my thread with out me being allowed to defend myself), that my question was a NEW one! I thought this was a free country to ask questions...but not so sure after being demeaned, belittled and bullied...along with the rude comments to me personally....(Have I READ A NOVEL). LOL THEN TO CLOSE MY THREAD?

This is just another good example of why memoirs are written because it can take place not only behind closed doors, but also on the internet.

I have to say their are posts on here that
irritated me to no end, due to the arrogance of some of you to your fellow writers, not only me. If you can't stand someone ....move on...show some respect.

There are people who come on here to get through road blocks what ever those may be for them. Novels are nothing compared to memoirs...we too have a story to tell.

I said on my last thread its not about the money! It's... about having the ending of holding my life in my hand....owing it. (seriously I can already here the chatter) I was wondering if I made 1 copy for myself, and my children as I'm sure there is a minimum of 25 or more ....would there be....... dare I say.... LEGAL REPERCUSSIONS! I have never asked this question before.
I decided my memoir isn't about making money. So I don't care to sell it on the net, because I won't change the events, and my family agrees totally with me.

I'm very aware your not lawyers...But I'm pretty sure I'VE READ SOME WHERE ON HERE NO QUESTION IS A DUMB QUESTION!

On a positive note I wish you all success with your novels...

Now you may close my post...AND ALSO DELETE ME FROM THIS FORM. I have no intention of ever coming back or reading the negative feedback that is sure to come.