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I've been thinking a lot on the subject of religion and the differences between them. I wasn't raised with any particular religion. My parents just stuck with a vague notion of God, but they never told me to pray or anything like that. So, I don't really believe in anything. I've gone back and forth between atheism and agnosticism. Most of my family is very heavily Christian, though we never spent much time with them as I grew up.

But, as I've started living on my own and meeting a wider range of Christians besides Catholics and Baptists, I've started doing very basic reading on religion, including reading the bible, skimming the Quron, and various other things. And I've discovered that I don't like a lot of what some religions say. Yet, I've been raised to respect these religions and let them do as they wish with no question. That bothered me even more when I stayed in Egypt, a primarily Islamic country, because so much of what was dictated because of the religion went a complete 180 with my system of beliefs.

So I'm faced with this question -- is it wrong to not respect a religion? I tolerate religion. I respect some religions. But is it a must to respect a religion just because others believe in it? I respect your right to believe in a religion, for instance, but not your religion or the beliefs itself.

I have nothing against Christians, as individuals, or Muslims as individuals. But is it wrong to criticize a religion, or particular tenants in a religion, or even to dislike a religion? Does that go past the line? I have no intention of starting any threads here, criticizing religion, jftr.

It's merely a question of -- does this offend members of that religion, to see their religion, not their belief in that religion, critiqued? Or does that cross the line?