I've been trying to sort through information on Google, but apparently my very specific questions are hard to phrase well for a search engine... Oh, and never search "cut throats" on Google. All you get is a bunch of pictures of Bernie Madoff.

My MC Lucy has a rather psycho (and psychic) brother who has an infinity for burning people to death through "spontaneous combustion." He actually uses his psychic ability to force them to cover themselves in combustible liquid and set themselves on fire. Not spontaneous combustion, but he finds it amusing. Anyhoo, it is important in my novel that two of the characters be burned to ash, nothing identifiable left behind, such as teeth. (One was psycho brother faking his own death, the other was him faking someone else's death years later) How hot does a fire need to be to burn someone to pretty much nothing? I'm guessing pretty damn hot?

Also, another creepy question... Is it impossible (or at least very, very difficult) for someone to slit their own throat in the "proper" way (head tilted forward to bunch together the jugular and carotid artery, knife at an angle for a good cut)? A girl in the story slits her own throat because the psychic brother forces her to, but I want the cut to be suspiciously well done so that the other characters guess that she was forced to slit her own throat by someone who really knew what they were doing and could force her to body to do things it wouldn't normally do. What would be the best cut to use to make them suspicious?

End creepy questions.