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Thread: Cover artists and designers seeking work

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    Cover artists and designers seeking work

    This is a thread for artists and graphic designers who are willing to make book covers for authors. Absolute Write does not endorse, control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of information of these listings.

    For artists and designers

    Please include your relevant information, at the least a brief description of your favored media and genres and your price range. If you haven't a sense of price range, may I suggest the following categories:

    Bargain-basement ($50 - $200)
    Low ($200-$500)
    Medium-Low ($500-$750)
    Professional ($750 - $2000+)

    Please link to your online portfolio and / or samples of your work.

    You may include a sample image on this thread, provided it conforms to Medievalists's image guideline FAQs: in brief, no hotlinking except to your own account, site, or blog; no larger than about 400 x 400 pixels; and keep it a small file size.
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