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Thread: Cover artists and designers seeking work

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    Dec 2018
    Hello, illustrator, graphic designer (web and print), 3D generalist (a bunch of areas, almost all) and comic artist (penciller, inker, colorist, not letterist but can do) here.

    Having worked before in other fields, looking forward to making some very nice book covers here.

    Reading the rules, I guess I totally fit in the "Bargain-basement ($50 - $200)" category. . I'm quite experienced as a professional, but starting in the writing community/field. So, is kind of fair.

    - Price per illustrated cover : 150 $ design/text included. Or 200 $ when asked a wrap around, also all design/text included.
    - Styles: Can do many, but I particularly love realism/digital painting. Can do children book style, cartoon, stylized comic, etc.
    - Genres : A bit unsure, yet. I know for sure I'd quite fit in mostly in Fantasy, Sci-Fi, historic, current times realism. The rest, I'm not sure, but probably quite a few more.
    - Due to theme/genre, or theme treatment, I might not go for just every project. Also, my illustration production is not as fast as my photo retouch ability, so I'll have to choose somehow, anyway.
    - I am quite able (has been my profession for many years) to do all with photo retouch and graphic design instead of illustration and painting. But is not my purpose, or not for the majority of the covers.
    - In the distant past I have done covers for other types of product, or for books many years ago, my take, my recommendation for it is to focus in one aspect of the book, a significant one, instead of trying to cram the cover with elements. But I will adapt to whichever the author's requirements.
    - All usage rights to you, the person buying it, no limits (other than not using as resell as cover or stock art). Limitless for your book to be published.
    - The images will be unique, custom made, and only used for your book (my only use will be to show them as my portfolio, the usual thing).
    - I might upload a reduced sample to my website and/or social media for promotion.
    - I don't claim for royalties, either, of any kind.
    - No temporary license, is for ever, and
    - I get no right to sell that cover illustration for anything. Never.
    - I am not in this as a fast mass producer (I might become way faster if petitions pile up, as then I can balance the load of my other work, dedicate more time to this).
    - Initially, my covers will mean a time frame of 3 weeks - 1 month (so, great for people planning, not with an urgent need), done with a lot of care (and passion).
    - Could sign a contract or NDA contracts (within reasonable conditions), so that you get peace of mind about usage rights, image exclusivity, etc, if you need it/require it.
    - It will be a 300 dpi, ready for print cover, but I'm new to the writing field, I can adapt to any print specs (quite some experience with offset and POD print companies), I just need to be pointed out to the format wished, I'll dig whatever the specs (AMS Kindle, specific size, etc, is something I can deal with once knowing the link for those specs. No hassle for you. I have already those matters a bit located)

    I might change these conditions at some point (/s) but never ever during a started and agreed upon project, of course.

    For this or other works/petitions, I can do illustration, graphic design (ie, logos, banners, etc) /photo retouch, comics (for themselves or as a vehicle of a novel's promotion) and 3D. And/or any combination of all that (3D stuff would make all more expensive).

    As I say, I will start small and slow, testing the waters carefully. .

    The 3D might have sense to show here, as I don't see it crazy to use very realistic renders instead of photos : I can model whatever and do a render. But it might get expensive. Preferring not to set a fixed price for it, as it can vary a lot per circumstances and details. And the main activity, anyway, is illustration. (have done recently board game covers using solely 3D, though )

    I preferred not to embed here any graphics, as is not too good for the forum board bandwidth. Also, as I believe for my specific kind of images, is better to put a link than 400x400 images. (it's quite fine with me ) :

    Some of my portfolio samples

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