Atlanta Nights remains one of my favorite anecdotes, even after all the years that have passed since I first saw it described on this site. I was thinking of recording one of my videos to discuss this little tale for my Youtube channel, maybe refresh the minds of the younger people on there, because a story like it is too good to let fade away.

My only real question is whether I'd be stepping on anyone's toes by discussing this. I never knew whether one of the original participants in the incident posted the initial description as to what happened, or if this was just word passing down the grapevine. Does anyone know for sure? Is there someone's position I should get before trying to tell the world (or the three people subscribed to my channel, anyway?)

For the record, yes, I would totally be telling everyone where I first heard the story. And putting a link to this forum on the video, if that was all right. ^_^