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Thread: Guidelines for Posting in Art & Design -- Please Read Before Posting *UPDATED 25 NOVEMBER 2014*

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    Guidelines for Posting in Art & Design -- Please Read Before Posting *UPDATED 25 NOVEMBER 2014*

    Welcome to the brand new Art and Design Forum. Please read this before posting.

    This is the place to discuss matters of visual arts and design within the broader interests of the Absolute Write community, where questions can be asked and information swapped.

    It's a forum for visual reference materials, resources, copyright law, designers, museums, methodologies, schools, art history, clothing, costumery, animation ... anything pertaining to the visual arts and design.

    The Golden Rule is: Respect your fellow artist.

    Writing is hard work, and so is making other kinds of art. Please respect the work of others and extend them the courtesy of assuming them to be as concerned with their particular craft as you are with yours.

    If you wish to debate the merits of a particular piece of art, debate them properly. Please do not simply dismiss things as "not art."


    This is an art and design forum within a writers' board. Images are inevitable. But let's try to keep their proliferation manageable.

    • No hot linking of images. Either link to an image you own or where you have an account on a site like Photobucket or Flickr which can handle the bandwidth. Alternately, put in a link to take someone to the image elsewhere.
    • Keep images to a manageable size and number. Make sure their size is not larger than about 400 x 400 pixels and that their file size is small.
    • Please do not upload entire galleries. If you upload more than five images the mods may prune down the number.
    • Do not link, post, or use images in violation of copyright.
    • Please keep images PG-13, as children have access to these boards.
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