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Okay so, he's acting like a jackass and he's making stupid posts about bloggers, where does the girl come from? Ira? What has she got to do with this? And that JH girl? How was this blog thing that Carroll posted even remotely about her? Because I never saw her name anywhere in the post, just in the comments.

And this is just a question and I hope someone honestly answers it, where did you find out Carroll wrote a blogpost on that whole blog thing anyways? Where'd you all get your source from? Like I said before, ive been reading for a while and now I'm curious.
The worst I have seen anyone say about Ira is that she may be a sock puppet. Nobody is being especially vehement about that. Nobody has even brought her up much that I have seen, except to express sympathy for her for being so close to such a wretched man.

And he is wretched. He is not being a jackass, he is making threats of violence and criminal activity towards minors.

Mr. Bryant's blog post was on Goodreads for all the world to see until he deleted it last night. Many people saw it, read it, posted on it (although Mr. Bryant removed many posts over time), and took dated screen captures of it. It may also still be available on Google caches and in various web archives. It was a very, very well documented blog post.