There was a parable in the Bible (sorry, I don't have a Bible handy, and I don't know the passages and verses inside out like some people seem to be able to do), where Jesus told of a man who would become a king, and gave some of his servants talents to keep for him until he came back.

I was wondering, could this be interpreted as "gifts" given to us by God? As in our special talents and skills, that we should use to bring more people to Him That's what I was getting from this parable. One man who was given a talent made back ten talents, one made back five, and the third man hid his away, instead of using it.

Or am I wrong in this interpretation? I've always been under the impression that these kinds of things were meant to be interpreted figuratively rather than literally in most cases.

What I'm saying here is, I think God has given me a strange gift. I've always had an active imagination, and loved daydreaming a lot. I tried to be creative with whatever I did in life. For example, I know I'm going to sound really weird here, but when I worked as a busboy, I got tired of simply "clearing the table", so rather I thought of it as "attacking a star destroyer" ala star wars. Strange, but it got the job done hehe. I still remember making "an enchanted map" to the "enchanted bookshelf, containing books of knowledge and power", back in the 2nd grade lol (I'm sure the kids must've thought I was weird when I would walk around their desks rather than head straight to the bookshelf lol). I've done some other silly stuff (which I don't think I need to show here, as I"m sure you're already convinced that I'm a geek or dork ).

I'll admit I've only been a Christian for about 8 years or so now (and I've read the Bible since then, rather than just listening to someone tell me about it), so I don't know everything I could yet (I think I have a good solid foundation though of the teachings in it).

I've still got a creative streak in me (I could never get myself to be interested in doing "regular" work, as I find it kind of boring. I did a short internship at an insurance company, and did good work, but had to quit due to joining the army, more on that later hehe), hence why I want to be a writer lol. But the thing is, I don't just want to write any kind of story. I want to write one that'll be popular, yet contains Christian themes in it (prior to reading the Bible, I never knew the "golden rule" was one of the things Jesus taught, I really didn't). They won't be too explicit (and consequently turn some people off automatically), but hopefully it'll be clear enough messages that'll have people think.

So what I'm asking here is, do you think it's okay if I work for God in this way? The direct approach doesn't seem to work well (I never liked having people come to my house or approaching me on the street and asking me if I wanted to be saved), probably because of all the "bad stuff" that you hear "christians" doing on the news and what not (not to mention those televangelists ugh).

I can share with you guys how I came to God later (which I can probably write a small book about lol. It's interesting though, and probably radically different from what you're used to hearing of how people find God, and will help you to understand more why I'm asking this question in the first place), but first I'd like to hear what your opinions are, if I might have the right idea, or what I'm saying is preposterous, and that I should be burned at the stake right away hehe.