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Thread: July 713 Flash Fiction Contest [1 cent/word] [SF/F]

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    July 713 Flash Fiction Contest [1 cent/word] [SF/F]

    Kazka Press' July 713 Flash Contest is open for business (Kazka Press: Fantasy Flash Fiction).

    Here's the prompt:

    Write us an SFF piece of flash fiction that begins with the following line: Phenelope unearthed her grandmother’s grave just before summer faded into fall.

    Your story must be 713 words long (a few words north or south of that line is fine) and must be submitted by 20 July 2012 by 11:59 pm.

    We pay 1c/word.

    Payment, Publication, & Rights Sought:

    Your story will have the chance to be published twice: once at and once in our year end ‘best of’ anthology. If you’re selected as a winner of our monthly contest, we’ll purchase First Worldwide Electronic Rights from you for $7.13. If we select your story for the anthology, we’ll pay you an additional $7.13 for Non-Exclusive Anthology Rights. Our initial (not anthology) contract asks for 3 months exclusivity, so you cannot ePublish your story anywhere else, including your blog, during that time. However, since we’re not buying print rights initially, you can feel free to get it printed somewhere.

    Happy writing!
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