Hi, all,

This year, lots of us are pushing ourselves toward new publication goals. Rejections can sometimes suck the wind right out of our sails. However, I propose we turn the process of gathering rejection slips into something positive. I am proposing a Rejection Pledge.

Here is how it works: This year, choose a rejection goal for yourself. Maybe you are just starting out and are hesitant about submitting. You could set a goal to collect 2 rejection slips this year. Those who have been at this a little longer, can set their sights higher. (My goal this year is 100).

If you decide to take the pledge, edit your signature to look like mine. The fraction=number of rejections received/number pledged. Don't forget to update it when you receive new rejections.

Encourage others!


P.S. If you are a new to this thread, please take a moment to read the clarification in post #98 here before you post. Thanks!