I am an author with Georgia McBride media group. Other authors deserve the fair warning I never got.

Georgia McBride has claimed in public posts made on social media that there are at least four rounds of extensive edits performed by various editors and subsequent revisions performed by the author for each book. (See her public Facebook post on March 7th.) This has not been the case for me. None of my books received four rounds of edits. Each of my books got a copy edit and supposedly a proofread. That was it. I was never given an editor's email, or even their name, so that I could contact them for questions that arose. Georgia or her author assistant were the middleman between me and the editors at all times. They wouldn't even tell me the editor's name and refused to give me that information. Fearing for reputation, I spent over $300 per book to have them privately edited. Who wants an unedited manuscript full of typos with their name on the cover? Not me. Many of my GMMG friends share the same private editor because none of our books were properly edited.

Swoon romance, Month9Books and Tantrum books are not vanity presses. What they are, however, are a huge gamble for new authors. Georgia does pay advances, works with agents, and has authors whose books have earned positive Kirkus ratings. All of this however comes at a steep price. She belittles her authors. She bullies them, makes public examples of them, and rages to agents over authors who ask innocent questions. I myself have been the victim of this first hand. In the past year she has cleaned up her behavior in her private author gmail group, but it's too little, too late.

Regarding financial statements, authors are left hoping that the royalty statements are accurate, but with no certainty that this is the case. If Georgia is serious about clearing her name, she would hire an independent accountant to audit her books and provide copies of those reports to Victoria Strauss. I don't think this will ever happen though. Georgia is extremely defensive and volatile when questioned about how she runs her business. Two authors have already sued her to get their rights back and won. I believe that says volumes.

I won't say that I wish I had never signed with Georgia. I have certainly learned a lot. But new authors should think twice before signing with her now.