Clarifying the subject of licking on chat, and why various excuses of "I didn't mean it that way [whatever way the op on duty has called you on it for]!"

Reasons for publicly licking another human being:
1. Because you think it's somehow sexy and provocative, in the same way some people think Jersey Shore is classy, intelligent TV programming.
2. Because you have nasty germs and want to infect others with them.
3. Because you are contemplating going into cannibalism.
4. Because you know it's gross, and, having the sort of mindset that still laughs at peepee-poopoo-booger jokes, you think it's funny.
5. Because you're an ass who likes making other people uncomfortable for no reason other than 'just because', and don't care that it's a room, and a community, in which you are a guest.

Want to lick someone in chat? Please be prepared to answer which of the above is your motivation, in the brief moments you have before we kick you off with prejudice.

(Also, don't try to pedanticize your way around with synonyms or similarly-loaded words, or the difference between virtual and real licking. It'll just make the Zanz angry, and you won't like me when I'm angry.)