Hello. I am looking for a beta and a writing buddy. (I'll first talk about what I want in a beta, then writing buddy).

for the beta:

  • TITLE: the facts of romance
  • hook: a freshman falls for a senior, they go on a date, and he gets her pregnant, what happens after is anyone's guess.
  • Genre. 1 act, 38 page play.
  • Feedback. Be blunt, and honest
  • Publishing. I'd love to get it published (preferably by a large house)
  • Credentials. If you have somewhat a knowledge of theatre, or even have written a play yourself, that's be preferred, but not absolutely needed.

for the writing buddy:

I'd love someone who could write plays/musicals with me. I also write YA novels, so either or would be fine (both would be lovely). I'd love to work with experienced people, but if you're not, PM me anyway. We can email, or PM stuff, doesn't matter.